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Dennis Broekhart (1983) born and raised in the North of The Netherlands, fell in love with Formula1 at the age of 7 when he saw the cars roaring and screaming on tv. At that moment his life was changed. Dennis became an F1 addict. At primary school, Dennis knew exactly what one tenth of a seconde means, could tell all the starting numbers of the drivers , and even the length of the moustache of Nigel Mansell 😉. Also his interest in other motorsport categories was growing and growing.

In August 1995 , at the Masters of F3 (formerly known as Marlboro Masters) Dennis saw and heard an F1 car in real live for the very first time. It was a Ferrari 412 T1 with a screaming V12 engine driven by Luca Badoer. A moment that Dennis will never ever will and can forget.

Thanks to the demonstration of Luca Badoer in the dunes of Zandvoort, Dennis’ interest in the backmarkers of F1 began to grow. He read all newspapers/magazines about F1, and obviously watched every F1 race , not only for news about the backmarkers, but Dennis was also very keen on his hero’s like Mansell, Senna and later stage Damon Hill and the Dutch hero Jos Verstappen.

Now more than 20 years later, Dennis is full of historic knowledge of the sport and is a passionate motorsports fan.

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