About Charrel a.k.a. Charlie

Charrel is the Crazy creative of the two, he can always find a way to make it work for a company. He combines is enormous level of enthusiasm in motorsports with knowledge about marketing, strategy and project management.

“Is there more to it?”, I hear you think. Yes of course there is, there is a reason he is called the crazy creative. Besides putting his efforts into a better performing business, he is also a great photographer and knows how to exploit social media for your business or fanbase.

When relaxing, Charrel likes to watch motorsports and be with his girlfriend, his cat ‘Pluk’ and hang out with friends.


Business development
Marketing strategy
Trackside hospitality
Social media
Creative concepting

Contact info

  • + 316 30 789 321
  • charrel@tracksidelegends.com
  • charrel_jalving
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