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About Jeroen Demmendaal

Jeroen Demmendaal (1983) is a Dutch writer and communications expert, who writes fluently in both Dutch and English. Thanks to a classic case of boy meets girl, he moved to Sweden almost ten years ago and has lived there ever since.

Jeroen grew up in the beautiful city of Haarlem, close to the sea, so the race track at Zandvoort practically became his back yard and he has been a Formula 1 and motor racing enthusiast since the early 1990s. That means he still knows Jos Verstappen from the days when he was more than just “the dad of Max” and he can easily tell the difference between Pierluigi Martini and a dry martini.

One day, Jeroen will write the definitive, Dutch-language anthology on the American IndyCar Series. Until then, you can read his shorter stories on Medium and follow his daily commentary on the world of motor racing via Twitter.

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If you want to contact Jeroen, reach out via Twitter.


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