Marlon Harms

About Marlon Harms

Marlon Harms (1998) is a young, passionate woman who fell in love with motorsport because of her father. Started at a young age, my Sundays consisted of watching either Formula One, DTM or MotoGP. As she grew older, her interests spread to junior-, and GT series as well.

The first race Marlon attended was DTM Zandvoort in 2012. That’s the moment she realized she wanted to work in this world. In the meantime, at school she was known as the Motorsport expert and could even learn the guys new things.

Unfortunately, she is suffering from a chronic illness. Meaning she can’t be trackside much. But, she discovered a new love for writing and photography. Her ultimate goal? Doing the Social Media/Marketing for a race team, or something journalism related.

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  • +316 11 25 62 02
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