Who are the legends

Two friends, who turned their love for motorsports into some legendary work.

It all began when we ‘accidentally’ met, soon we were discussing F1 and related ideas we had to get close to our beloved sport. Ideas became adventures and adventures became more and more professional, to the point where we are now.

With Trackside Legends we help motorsport related companies to claim their position in the market and grow their business.

We both have a background in marketing and project management, but also love to create content like photos, blogs and (live) videos.

Our experience

Born as true legends, we can do a lot.. but to give you an idea we pointed out our focus areas of expertise.

Website project management
Content > Blogs & (live) video
Online marketing advice
Enjoying motorsports
Why choose us

Sounds like a great story, but why would you choose us? Well because we..

  • are the most enthusiastic motorsports duo
  • always deliver what we promise
  • know people.. so we get into special places
  • own a great set of badass skills you can hire
  • know our way around race tracks
The things we do

Photography & content creation

With our experience in creating content on track, we can deliver a complete package of valuable content, like photography, blogs and vlogs, for your website, company or event.

Your event hosts

Wanna make your event legen… dary? Make sure you let your event be hosted by the Trackside Legends. With knowledge of a lot of tracks and experience in hospitality we make sure your guests will remember.

Online Marketing

We help you get you message across to your selected target audience with advice about the best ways for your company to interact with them.

Website project management

We can manage every aspect of webdesign and project management. Starting with your idea to a website that completely suits the needs of your target audience.
We are proud to work with