Jacobine van den Berg

Jacobine loves to write about motorsports. When not watching racing, she works as a medical assistant for a General Practitioner.

Rob Bruijgoms

Historic F1 Specialist. Vlogger.

Racefan Rob was born a long time ago above a car showroom and only shortly makes passionate vlogs about autosport and fast cars.

Peter de Heus

Esports. Influencer.

Peter has been on the rallycross circuit from an early age on. His grandfather, uncles and father we were all active in rallycross with a Deux Chevaux.

Historic F1 Specialist.

Jan Joost loves F1 in all it’s aspects, but he is especially interested in the history of the sport and most of all the stories and special events.

Hélène Franken

Graphic designer.

Hélène Franken is a Dutch graphic designer and branding specialist. She developed her interest in both graphic design and motorsports.

Lisa van den Berg

Photography. Videography.

Lisa van den Berg is amazing in visualizing stories in detail. Being a sports fan, she prefers to create unique content for the sports industry.

René Oudman - Trackside Legends

Without a doubt the autosport encyclopedia of The Netherlands. An enthusiastic spark plug, blessed with knowledge and writing skills.

Marlon Harms


Marlon Harms (1998) is a young, passionate woman who fell in love with the world of motorsport because of her father. She loves to write.

Duurt Dijkman

Social Media. #MsportXtra.

Duurt Dijkman (1973) is a Dutch social media aggregator and passionate fan of all motorsports. He runs the #MsportXtra network.

Jeroen Demmendaal

Writer. Communications expert.

Jeroen Demmendaal (1983) is a Dutch writer and communications expert living in Sweden, who writes fluently in both Dutch and English.