302nd helicopter squadron

Why: Visualizing the US GP fly-by

Who: Royal Netherlands Air Force

What: Content creation

Visiting the US GP, we were asked by the Royal Netherlands Air Force to make pictures & videos of the chinook & apache fly-by right before the start of the United States Grand Prix. After a quick invite at their air force base, we went to work.

Koninklijke Luchtmacht


We delivered pictures of the fly-by and our visit at the US base were the 302nd squadron was stationed. Our pictures were used on social media and in their monthly magazine.


We created video’s of the fly-by from a fan’s perspective. They used our video content in combination with their onboard cameras for their online platforms.


For the weekend we created a partnership with the #GoMax group. We had the chance to create unique content, in return we shared the news of the fly-by on the #GoMax social media channels.