Dakar competitor by bike

Why: Engagement and sponsoring

Who: Jeroen naar Dakar

What: Webdesign & social media

From the moment we heard that Jeroen van Daelen had plans to compete in the toughest rally in the world, we knew we wanted to be involved. Someone from Charrel’s hometown, driving the Dakar, it was an easy choice. We set up a meeting quickly and agreed to help with the online marketing side of his participation.



We build a website for his sponsors and fans, to keep them up to date of his journey. Within a small period of time we put together a full responsive platform, fulfilling all his online needs.

Social media

We created multiple social media channels, which were used to attract additional sponsorship. We utilized these channels, for storytelling in combination with the websites content.


The power was in the storytelling via the website & social media, we took the fans & sponsors into an online journey, in which they felt “as if” they were there with him.