Custom Race Simulators

Why: This E-sports pioneer deserved a podium

Who: Bernax Race Simulators

What: Marketing, content, website, analytics

Bernax Race Simulators was a first mover back in the days when E-sports wasn’t that big a deal. We helped them make the shift to the new era where competition is fierce, but great quality always wins!

Website project management

In showing the endless possibilities with Bernax Race Simulators, the website was an important tool. We made sure the project picked up speed and could be launched for the public in 3 different languages. `


To make sure the new website performed as projected, we implemented several tools, like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Hotjar, to measure the effectiveness of the website.

Event hosts

For the renting part of the business, we where hired to host several events like at the F1 Monza Grand Prix and at local venues in The Netherlands. Our job was to entertain guests and explain the workings of the sims (and F1 showcars) and give advice on their drive style.