A real life marketing event

Why: Testing Continental supercar tires

Who: Continental

What: Testing tires and social influencing

For tire manufacturer Continental we were flown to Andalusia, Spain, to test the wide range of tires they specifically made for supercars. Each car had their very own tire, exclusively manufactured for that specific type of car. We got to test a wide variety of cars, from the efficient Tesla Model S to the brutal Corvette C7 Stingray.


Testing tires

We might not be professional racing drivers, but we have had our fair share of driving supercars and race cars. This meant we were the perfect couple to test the special developed tires on a range of supercars, like the Jaguar XF, BMW M4, Corvette C7 Stingray, Porsche Macan, Mercedes CLS 63 AMG and the Tesla Model S.


We reported this road trip with Continental on our social channels. From the feeling we had with the sticky tires to the great atmosphere in Andalusia, we showed our followers how the Continental tires performed in sunny Spain.